Get Involved

Church Planters, People groups, communities and school districts need Partners who will champion the cause of doing whatever it takes to reach them for Christ.

  • Will you pray about getting yourself, your family, your church, your foundation, or your business involved somehow in this work?
  • Will you pray about sending short-term mission teams consistently over time to help one of our planters?
  • Will you pray about financially sponsoring a church planter?
  • Will you pray about sending out your best to plant a church in Maine?
  • Will you pray about helping that church become a multiplying church that plants more churches in Maine

Please contact Barry Murry at for more information about how to get started

Why Maine?

There are 1.3 Million people (97%) in Maine that are without Christ.

  1. There are numerous communities in our state that have little to no evangelical witness.
  2. Maine is one of the most secular states in the US.
  3. There are many people living in the state here who have never clearly heard the Gospel of Jesus proclaimed.

How Partners Help

Although Southern Baptists have seen a significant increase in church starts since 2001, we have a long, long way to go.  We still represent far less than one percent of the total population.  To accomplish our God-given assignment, we need partners to help us in four main areas: prayer support, mission involvement, financial giving and advocacy.  These are also called Pray, Participate, Provide and Promote.

  • Prayer is essential for the work of planting a church. Planters are stepping out of their comfort zones and church families to follow God’s leading. Their work is spiritually challenging and the warfare is overwhelming without a solid base of prayer support. Partners are needed who will be on prayer teams, conduct prayer walks, meet for special seasons of prayer, and adopt a city, community, or region for which to pray.
  • Participate – Missions teams also play a strategic part of starting a church. They break ground through prayer walking. They provide the needed hands and help for outreach events like block parties, sports camps, servant evangelism, distributions, surveys, etc. Volunteer mission teams who participate touch greater numbers of people in a community than a church planter or his team could ever touch alone. Mission teams encourage the church planter and their team by their helping hands and hearts. Some individuals serve as short-term interns or lifelong team members for a church plant.
  • Provide – New England and specifically Maine is one of the most expensive places in the US to live. Our prayer is to raise up and develop many local Pastors and Church Planters to reach Maine, but there is initially a great need to bring in qualified and gifted Church Planters to not only plant a single church, but to plant Church Planting Centers that will plant many churches. Church Planters willing to move to this region and give their lives for the cause of the Gospel will be strengthened and encouraged by your financial gifts, however large or small.
  • Promote – In 1696 Pastor William Screven and a group from Kittery Maine immigrated to Charleston South Carolina and started 1st Baptist Church of Charleston which was the earliest Baptist Church in the South. Today we need your help promoting the tremendous need in Maine for planters, partners, and prayer warriors to as we seek to reach this post-christian culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Partner Churches




  • Broadriver Baptist Association-Gaffney SC