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How do we treat the stay at home moms within our circle of influence? How do we teach and train people to live as missionaries especially these mothers? Lindsey Carlson has some great words here for moms who may be feeling as if the lives they live are not the lives they dreamed of.

This is a very short post by Tim Chester but I absolutely love the wording. Be a chaplain at work. This is a specific way you can work as worship to God instead of working as worship to man.

Authenticity. It has almost become the trump card played in discussions about spiritual growth and having a purpose. Brett McCracken has given us some things to chew on here to prevent sliding into meaningless yet authentic lifestyles.

Oh, you are trying to preach a bad sermon? Good news, Erik Raymond has given you some waysto hit a home run stale sermon.

Do you have a process for finding deacons? These are great questions for starting the discussion with possible church leaders. This post by Jonathan Dodson is specifically for deacons but there is another link there discussing elders as well.

Are you looking to replant a church? There are some that would say this is the best use of resources and others that say to stay away from this practice. Either way, Bubba Jennings gives us some concrete benchmarks for replanting a church. This would look completely different in Waterboro, ME but the idea is the same.

Is it ironic that I link to Jon Acuff 4 links after one that speaks of self depreciating Christian humor? Yes. Lighten up – it’s funny.






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