Who We Are

Maine Church Planting is a growing network of Maine church planters and leaders committed to church planting that began in 2013.  We are working in cooperation with the North American Mission Board to impact the lost by mobilizing churches, equipping leaders, and planting gospel preaching churches throughout the state of Maine.

About Maine

Welcome to one of the most rural, and definitely one of the most interesting states in the U.S.! Somewhere between the hyper-secularism of Toronto, and the rich religious heritage of New England is the state of Maine; a place where most families have been away from the church for generations.

That’s why we need you to come and help us plant churches here, in a place where people here are genuinely nice. They just have never heard the truth about Jesus. Will you join us?

Maine’s approximate population of 1.3 million is ripe for the harvest.

This least religious state in the nation shares borders with Canada, New Hampshire, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Aptly nicknamed “Vacationland,” the state welcomes thousands of tourists to it’s miles of rocky coastline each summer.

Famous Food

While Maine is known for its lobster, blueberries and potatoes, another aspect is currently drawing the attention of the North American Mission Board – the fact that the state is only 3% evangelical. To paint a more vivid reality, Maine is only one percent away from being considered an un-reached people group.

Interesting Facts:

  •  Maine is the largest producer of blueberries in the U.S.
  • Maine is home to Acadia National Park   – the oldest national park East of the Mississippi River.
  • The state flower is the white pinecone and tassel.
  • The famed Appalachian Trail ends in Maine.
  • The average summer temperature 70° while the average winter temperature is 20°
  • The state animal is the Moose!

The people of Maine generally hold to a “spiritual humanitarianism.”

Catholicism long dominated the state, but is not reaching the current generation. Many Catholic and Protestant churches alike have been closing their doors reinforcing the idea to many that the church is a thing of the past and not relevant to their present lives.

While the evangelical statistics are staggering, so are the opportunities for ministry! Maine is a wide open mission field. The people here need Jesus – is God calling you to be Jesus to be the people of Maine?